Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Concrete asemic compositions by Kimm Kiriako

Visual poetry (concrete-asemic hybrid) by Kimm Kiriako (California, USA)

I am thrilled to welcome artist, visual poet and asemic writer Kimm Kiriako to Asemic Front 2.

As I am sure many AF2 viewers can attest, Kimm Kiriako's work is well-known and widely admired in the vispo and asemic writing communities. Her art is accessible on the net and well-worth perusal. In fact, I believe she is an image-text artist with whom you must be familiar if you want to be aware of the exciting developments taking place in these genres.

Kimm Kiriako hosts the online and ongoing Women Asemic Writers Exhibit, which is a must-see if you are not already familiar. 

By Kimm Kiriako

These pieces are of particular relevance to Asemic Front 2 because they are the result of Kimm Kiriako's recent experiments with concrete poetry (aka typewriter art, especially in this instance). When I commenced AF2, I stated - in addition to featuring collaborations - I specifically wanted to explore the relationship between concrete poetry and asemic writing.

Kimm Kiriako writes, "I bought my Smith Corona Sterling thinking it would be a good way to start writing [conventional] English prose and poetry again. But the minute I started I was tapping out patterns. I think you [DVS], Dawn Waldrope, Nicola Winborn and a number of others planted a seed!" She is certainly writing poetry, just in a different form than what we usually expect. 

Indeed, Kimm Kiriako has joined the ranks of those delving into "obsolete technology" to explore visual poetry's roots in text-centered composition (neo-concrete, New Concrete). Connections to the emerging genre of asemics are relatively new. Kimm Kiriako is making important contributions.

- De Villo Sloan

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