Monday, July 26, 2021

Anhinga Press Announces Forthcoming Publication of Major Asemic Collection by Karla Van Vliet

Cover of She Speaks Tongues Poems Asemic Writing by Karla Van Vliet
 scheduled for release November 2021 by Anhinga Press

Anhinga Press has announced the publication of a major collection of art, writing and asemics by Vermont USA visual artist and writer Karla Van Vliet. According to the press announcement, She Speaks Tongues will be released in November 2021. Deepest thanks to the press for sharing a proof with Asemic Front 2. Further information about the book is available directly from Anhinga Press:

Karla Van Vliet is a past AF2 contributor. She is gaining an attentive following in the visual poetry and asemic communities. Many of her pieces offer variations on a binary structure she favors: an asemic glyph & then asemics in a calligraphic style. (For the true asemic structuralists, Van Vliet's binary pieces have an affinity to Thierry Tillier's (Belgium) two-part compositions.) This new book, however, departs from asemic formalism and focuses on Van Vliet's expressive power.

The 68 pages of her book (current projection) and its 25 spectacular plates provide the first considered gathering of asemic work by this important artist.

- De Villo Sloan

From She Speaks Tongues by Karla Van Vliet
 scheduled for release November 2021 by Anhinga Press

From She Speaks Tongues by Karla Van Vliet

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